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About Us: lauren & laura | our story

Lauren & Laura

About Lauren & Laura

Lauren D'Alessandro

Entrepreneur, Producer, Photographer, Web Developer

Even as a child, Lauren had an enterprising mind paired with the ability to motivate others to participate in her many ventures. From partnering with a friend to sell items at her neighborhood sidewalk sale, to collecting pieces from her fellow classmates to compile a "4th Grade Newspaper", to launching her first online publication, she's consistently displayed a passion for entrepreneurship and collaboration.

Lauren graduated from Rowan University in 2010 with a degree in Entrepreneurship. As a freelance consultant and web developer, she has worked with a variety of local businesses and non-profit organizations. This includes time spent working for GEMS (Girls Educational and Mentoring Services), an organization that helps women who are victims of sex trafficking in New York City.

She has written for several online magazines, including RELEVANT Online and her own publication, The You Are Project. In her free time, she enjoys interior design, exercising, traveling, and blogging on spiritual topics at
About Lauren & Laura

Laura DiStefano

Performer, Content Creator, Comedy Writer, Stylist

Having nurtured her love of all forms of creative and performing arts since toddlerhood, Laura is thrilled to finally be following her dreams. Due to her variety of interests, she struggled for many years to find a way to transform her mélange of life experiences into a creative career. These interests include writing, beauty, art, dancing, playing instruments, and her most beloved, SINGING. But what to do with all of these assorted yet loosely connected passions?

All the past involvements in her life have led her to this epiphany: she wants to entertain—to evoke emotion from her audience, create exceptional material, and incorporate many different vessels of self expression.

Laura currently works as a hairstylist and a freelance makeup artist. When she is not making others look and feel beautiful, she is actively pursuing her lifelong love-affair with musical theatre. She is SUPER STOKED to share the fruits of her passions with the world!
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Our Story

Written by Lauren

The first time we met, we were both dancing like crazy at a Halloween party that was hosted by a mutual friend. Laura was dressed in plain clothes and told me that she was Debra Messing, her celebrity look alike. I was wearing head-to-toe leather and was dressed as The Black Canary from the show Arrow. I don't even watch Arrow, but I wanted an excuse to wear leather for a night.

Shortly after our first encounter, we ran into each other in church and got deep into conversation. We ended up talking for hours afterward and sharing some of our deepest secrets with each other. After a few weeks of conversations that kept us up until midnight, we had a feeling that we just might be platonic soulmates. But it wasn't until another after-church chat that we began to recognize the depth of this partnership.

You see, for months (possibly years) I've imagined myself as a producer. I wasn't entirely sure why, because making movies and shows wasn't my dream at the time. But I kept seeing myself in this role where I was overseeing the direction of large productions. They were going to be funny, but have a solid message at the core. Someone else would have to write the script and star in them, but I wanted to be the one to make them happen.

On that day after church, Laura began to share her dream with me. She wanted to write scripts for big productions - plays, movies, maybe even TV shows. She would create the musical numbers and possibly even star in them. They would be quality productions, with a solid message the core. She just didn't know how to get started.

I looked at her for a minute before I devulged, "I think I want to help you produce them."

At that moment, a new dream was born, one that involved the two of us. I had recently received a camera for Christmas, so Laura and I set out to take pictures to see what we could do. We both fell in love right away, and decided that photography was going to be our first joint venture. ♥

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